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Consultations GEMS Enterprising Ltd. If you require some business advice, then I can give you a free half-hour initial consultation.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting:

  • customer ledger;
  • financial transaction (cash or credit);
  • forensic accounting;
  • forensic bookkeeping;
  • general ledger
  • payments;
  • petty cash book;
  • purchases;
  • receipts;
  • sales;
  • suppliers ledger.

Business Management

  • accounting;
  • data analysis;
  • designing;
  • development;
  • finance;
  • information-technology management;
  • marketing;
  • office building administration;
  • project management;
  • quality assurance;
  • research and development;
  • sales.

Company Administration:

  • advising the board of directors on matters of their corporate governance, corporate and legal responsibilities;
  • ensuring company compliance with legal obligations;
  • liaising and updating the records held by Companies House;
  • liaison between the company and its shareholders and stakeholders;
  • maintaining the company's registered office;
  • maintaining the company's statutory registers;
  • managing and storing the company's records, e.g. re accounting, corporation tax, insurance, investments, PAYE, payroll, property, taxation and VAT;
  • minuting board meetings;
  • organising the company's annual general and board meetings.

Marketing Strategy:

  • content marketing;
  • content writing;
  • display advertising;
  • e-commerce marketing;
  • e-mail direct marketing;
  • influencer marketing;
  • search engine marketing (SEM);
  • search engine optimisation (SEO);
  • social media marketing;
  • social media optimisation.

IT Support

  • computer optimisation;
  • computer virus;
  • device driver issues;
  • hardware components;
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook);
  • software;
  • spyware removal;
  • web-related issues;
  • windows security updates.

Web Design & Development:

  • client liaison;
  • client-side – server-side scripting;
  • domain name;
  • e-commerce development;
  • hosting plans;
  • network security configuration;
  • responsive websites – fluid display on desktop, mobile or tablet;
  • SEO: google ranking, generate more leads/sales, provide higher ROI.
  • web content development;
  • web design;
  • web engineering;
  • web server;
  • webshop (e-commerce) – flexibility to purchase your products and services online.