Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise Analysis – there are five stages to our business analysis activities: identify business needs, problems, opportunities and solutions.

Enterprise Analysis image
Enterprise Analysis image

We focus on the digitisation of the business processes using the internet and communicating across platforms in the digital and physical world.

The analysis process may be similar to the steps below, but depending on the specific requirements of the client.

Financial Analysis

Financial information and how it is used; bookkeeping, financial statements, ratio analysis, working capital, accounting systems & budgetry controls.

Business Management

Review of business strategy and plans, Creating systems dependency, KPIs, Resources, People, Technology & Documentation.

Marketing Strategy

Sales, customer relationship, advertising & promotion, distribution channels; product development, e-commerce, website design & development.

Team Building

State of the business: a deteriorating overall performance, growing dissatisfaction of the staff, smart goals, general bleak prospects of the sector.

Information Technology

Investigation of competitive advantage through IT, study of the need for reactive changes in the adoption of IT by competitors, review of business strategy.

WordPress Websites

Domain Name, Hosting Plan, Email Accounts,E-Commerce, Website Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile & Tablet Responsiveness.

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