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About Us | GEMS Enterprising Ltd was born out of the experiences of Glynis McQueen-Simon (aka GEMS & Erica).

GEMS – Managing Director (FIC, MOS, C&G, BTEC, BEC) has expertise in the Business Centre, Local Government, Financial Services, Further Education, Small Business sectors.

Since 1987, GEMS worked her way from the first rung of the clerical ladder to now being able to provide full Business & Management consultations through her shared experiences as a contractor, director, freelancer, lecturer, tutor and volunteer.

GEMS’ main ambition is to provide a professional service to clients which is more bespoke in nature and to be considered a business partner with whom we can grow together.

GEMS is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Consulting.

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Support for you and your business

GEMS Enterprising Ltd can assist and advise you to manage your business affairs, business planning and making sure you are taking and using advice of all the right information and optimising the potential benefits in your interest.

FREE 30-Minutes Initial Consultation

Before you fully commit - we offer you the opportunity to discuss your requirements for the project!

Client Testimonials

I've known GEMS for more than 10 years. They have assisted me with all my personal and business management requirements. They even designed my new website. I can recommend them.
GEMS are always a phone call away if you need them. They are every knowledgeable and you can trust the information they provide. If they don't know the answer to your question, they will go out of the way, to find it.
GEMS has assisted by being the Project Manager for my new brand. They helped me redesign my labelling, packaging and held our hands whilst we get the products to the market. They also designed a new website for products.